Friday, September 23, 2011

Screams in the fall!

Fall is in the air. Leaves are changing colors, nights are getting colder, and bloody mangled corpses are roaming the streets.

Oh, the joys of the season. Take a scenic drive through our beautiful mountains while the sun is up then stop by the scariest haunted houses in the state after sunset (just make sure and empty your bladder first).

So this year I decided to take my three boys to their first haunted house. I figured they could handle it. I mean seriously what could be scarier than living with their mother (ha I’m so just kidding). So we were in line opening night at the Castle of Chaos on 33rd. My boys where harnessing their courage and bragging how they would simply punch a monster in the face if one got to close. I started thinking to myself okay they can do this. I’m not going to cause permanent damage to my innocent kids that haven’t seen anything scarier than a SpongeBob’s Halloween episode.

All was going well right up to the point when the first monster came around the corner; this was while we were still outside waiting in line. My oldest took one look, his face turned stark white and he took off running faster than I have ever seen him. My youngest scurried behind me gripping my jeans so tight I was having to battle keeping them on. My middle boy just froze, not knowing what to do glancing at me to gage my reaction. This was about the time I was questioning my parenting skills. Who was I kidding? They were not ready for this. My oldest was a block away now sitting on top of a metal box with a rock in his hand for protection, I had just about lost the battle of keeping my pants up against my youngest, and my middle boy was fighting back tears. After gathering my shocked and terrified children we regrouped around the corner where they felt safe.
I asked them if they wanted to go home or stay and go through the castle. Of course what full-blooded American boy would say let’s go home after witnessing first hand a live zombie. So, I took the time to teach them the golden rule of haunted houses--don’t show any fear. If you show any fear at all they will not leave you alone. Armed with this new information they put their game faces on and we went back to the line.

When we got to the ticket booth we learned that the castle had some cool options. First, they had a monster be gone. A glow stick that you could hold up if the monsters got to scary and they would back away. Second, they had a “hands on” experience. They give you a glow stick that you put around your wrist letting the monsters know you are no coward--in which case they could physically grab you. My boys chose the first without hesitation. Armed with their glow sticks we went through the whole castle laughing, and screaming. The only injury sustained was by my youngest. During a moment of weakness I tried pulling him in front of me and ran him smack into a solid wall (before you judge me understand that it was a natural instinct of self-preservation when being confronted by the undead). I learned that even the undead have a sense of humor.

So needless to say my kids and I loved it. They won’t stop asking to go to the next haunted, which is okay for my pocket book since the Castle of Chaos has three of them for one great price. We have two more to look forward to this season.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do. Click on their link on our homepage, grab some tickets and ask yourself, “Am I looking for a monster be gone experience, or a bring it on you creepy freaks--hit me with your best shot kind of night?”

Friday, June 24, 2011

SlickTown Gets Dirty

We here at SlickTown have teamed up with the boys at “The Dirty Dash” to offer our citizens a chance of winning a 5-runner team. With this being our big push I thought it appropriate to blog about my experience running the dirty dash in June of this year.
First, I find it important to mention I am not a runner. I don’t typically like to run unless out of necessity. I mean if something scary like a bear, a cougar, my wife, or a wolverine were chasing me you would see me running like a mad man; otherwise, I would prefer being on a bike. I hear runners talk about experiencing a “runners high,” but lets be honest here. I can experience a similar sensation by eating large amounts of chocolate. Runners have to work so hard their bodies do some weird things. Here is a list of the top most embarrassing running problems I read in a runner’s blog.
• Chaffed or bleeding nipples
• Itchy rashes or hives
• Itchy Legs
• Acne on Face, Chest, and Back
• Runner's Trots (Diarrhea)
• Leaky Bladder
• Black or Lost Toenails

I mean seriously, I don’t care how good the “high” is. Who wants to experience running with bleeding nipples, while peeing yourself, and the whole time fighting back an urge to crap your pants? I’ve heard about “runners underwear” I’m starting to think it might be more like runners dippers.

Okay, now that we're clear about my feelings on running, let me tell you how much fun I had trotting/walking the dirty dash. First, who doesn’t like playing in the mud? You’ll see plenty of it on their trails. Second, It was clear to me that everyone there was there to have a good time. Groups came out in full costumes to get dirty. Our theme was, “The SlickTown city slickers;” we were dressed in slacks (that were cut off into shorts) ties and vests. As for the running, a couple members of our team kicked butt and made the race in good time. Me, however, it took a while but guess what? My nipples weren’t bleeding, nor was I fighting the urge to crap my pants--so back off! The best part, a new race started every 20 minutes. There where plenty of people on the trail the whole way helping me feel like I was never in last place.

So, runner or not, get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery at Soldier Hollow, get you heart beating, get dirty, and don’t worry. If you have an uncontrollable accident on these trails know one will ever know.

The cost of the race is $50 per member, but let us cover that for you. Enter to win a 5-runner team through us. Just go to our home page and click on the photo of our team, at the last race, to learn more.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Best of the Past, the Present, and the “Has-Beens”

The big three that I’ve been waiting for is finally right around the corner. Three days of live music including my favorites from the past, the present, and the “has-beens.” The three-day spread begins with the best of the past. On June 17th the critically acclaimed legend and pioneer of the Chicago blues (and one of my favorite axemen) Buddy Guy takes the stage at the Red Butte Gardens. He was ranked 13th in Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “100 Greatest Guitarists of All time” Buddy is known for his showmanship on stage, playing his guitar with drumsticks, or strolling into the audience while whaling a solo. Day two, June 18th, the best of the present Ray LaMontagne performs with Brandi Carlile. I have been anxious to see Ray live ever sense I first heard him in ’07. His soothing sound and unforgettable voice makes for an addictive combination. Ray just won best contemporary fold album of the year for his album “God willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise.” The fact that he is sharing the stage with singer songwriter Brandi Carlile only makes the night more intriguing. Finally, the best of the “has-been’s” Poison/Crue share a stage at USANA amphitheatre on June 19th. Poison and Motley Crue controlled the airways and the attention of every teenager that had any form of rebellion in his or her blood. They dominated the 80s, that is, until Slash and Axel came along and showed us how rock & roll was meant to be. This fun night of nostalgia will be spent reminiscing on big hair and spandex; I might even pull out my air guitar.
I couldn’t ask for a better three-day line up. Each day will be spent with my favorite artist representing their genre. If you’re looking for something to rejuvenate your spirit, then go do some yoga. If you just wanna have fun and enjoy the best of the past, present and the “has-beens” then grab your tickets and I’ll see ya there.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2011

Are you planning on building in the near future? Maybe you just want to tackle that room makeover you've been putting off? This is your opportunity to see first-hand what the most popular trends are in home decorating and design. The parade runs June 3-18 from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm daily, closed Sundays and Mondays. This is a self-guided tour through

Utah’s most unique custom homes, remodeling projects, single-family homes, town-homes and condominiums.

Grab a friend, camera, and a comfortable pair of walking shoes; It’s time to get those creative juices flowing. You’ll surely find some fun ideas and new motivation to tackle that project you’ve been procrastinating.

Here is a link to their website for more information

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Airborne Tonight!

The Airborne Toxic Event is playing at The Venue tonight!

Ever since their first album came out in 2008, I've been dying to hear more from these guys. Their new album, "All at Once" was released in April of this year, and it is everything I hoped it would be. It's made it into the elite group of albums that I can listen to from beginning to end without hitting the "next" button on my iPod, and the length is just perferct for a 5 mile run! Check out this live version of "Welcome to Your Wedding Day". It's one of my favorite tracks from the new album:

Nate and I caught their show in 2009 when they were touring with their first album, and it was fantastic. Tons of energy, lots of interaction with the audience, and just an all around great vibe.

The show starts at 6:30 and tickets are $18. See you there!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorable Memorial

One of many things true-blooded Americans look forward to is their three-day weekends. That one extra day off is reason in and of itself to celebrate. The secret to a successful long weekend is taking time to plan ahead. In my earlier married years, too many long weekends were spent wondering what to do. At the last-minute we would throw together a picnic and run to a park only to discover there was no room left for even a blanket. The drive home from the park with a car full of disappointed kids is a long one. I have made it more times than I care to admit.

Not this year, this year I have a plan! Saturday the family and I will be visiting the cemeteries to pay are respects to loved ones past and beat the Monday crowds. Saturday night will be the night for a picnic. Arrive early and don’t forget the frisbee. I’ll be enjoying our beautiful state and my family in a park up Provo canyon near Bridal Veil Falls. Sunday will be a day to relax with family, attend church services and rest up for Monday. Monday begins at 8:00 sharp at the local IHOP for some breakfast grub then a short drive to Fort Douglas Cemetery. Soldiers will put on a Memorial March. Afterward, several television personalities and Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, will address the crowd. The ceremony will close with a 21-gun salute and the playing of "Taps." What a great way for the kids to learn respect and appreciation for our solders. After the ceremony we head down to Pioneer Park to support the Salt Lake City Mission with their effort to provide food and other necessary items for the homeless. We will be donating some clothes we no longer need and enjoy some free food. What a great experience for the kids to learn charity and acceptance. After eating we head to Gardner Village drop the girls off for their memorial weekend sidewalk sale. The boys and I hit the golf course for some fun in the sun. After chasing lost balls and explaining to my boys it’s not okay to swear even if dad did, we pick up the girls grab a quick bite then off to the Hale Center Theater to watch Seussical the Musical; an enchanting musical romp through Seuss's beloved, whimsical stories and inspiring imagination told through the eyes of his unforgettable, quirky, and, ultimately, loveable characters (get your tickets early if you want join us).

That is how the Spanos’s will be spending their Memorial Day weekend. With the help of SlickTown and some planning we look forward to an eventful, long, successful weekend.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend,


SlickTown is Here!

Okay, okay... SlickTown has been here for a few weeks now - in fact we just finished our first promotional giveaway.  Rosa from Spanish Fork was the excited winner of two tickets to Les Misérables in SLC.  The show sold out in pre-sales before even going to the general public.  Check out the video we put together to introduce the site and the giveaway:

Now don't get all teary eyed because you didn't win the Les Mis tickets.  We have plans for loads of giveaways and other perks for our citizens.  If you haven't already registered on the site, do it now!  It takes about 30 seconds and it's free. Click Here to Register Now

So, about this blog - This is the place you can come to get our humble (yet correct) opinion on some of the most exciting events happening in Northern Utah.  Anything between Utah Valley and Logan is fair game.  Hopefully the edge of your seat is comfy, because you'll be spending a lot there with bated breath as you read all about the can't-miss events coming your way.